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Our Facility

You'll fall in love with Jasmine Meadows the moment you arrive. Our indoor riding arena and barn also offer a climate controlled lounge and observation deck while outdoors we have a beautiful riding arena  for your rider's enjoyment.



Outdoor Riding
Our Horses
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Bear is a Percheron Quarter Horse Cross.  He was born in 2017.  More info coming soon.

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Dodge is a Percheron Quarter Horse Cross.  He was born in 2017.  More info coming soon.


Mister is an Appaloosa.  He was born in 2012.  He is a retired mounted patrol horse.  He loves to run and play with his two best friends, Titan and Watson.  Mister is a great teacher of “intention” as he can turn his speed (and listening skills) up or down depending on how engaged and focused his rider is.  Mister is dependable, friendly, and safe and is a great confidence builder for his riders. 

Rowdy is a Draft Cross.  He is chestnut color with a white blaze and four white socks.  He was born in 1997.  He is a big guy with a big heart.

Vanna is a chestnut Arabian with a white star.  She was born in 1999.  She is a retired show horse.


Willow is a Gypsy Vanner Quarter Horse cross.  She was born in 2007.  She is a White Buckskin Paint.  Willow has a huge personality and the boss in her pasture.  Epic is also her baby.


Cooper is a Standardbred Draft Cross.  He was born in 2004.  He is dark brown with a lighter brown nose.  Cooper was trained by the Amish for driving.


Epic is a Gypsy Vanner Quarter Horse Cross.  He was born in 2014 and is Willow’s baby.  He is brown, black and white with a blaze.  Epic is a curious boy with a calm nature.


Nova is a black and white Paint.  She was born in 2012.  She is very smart and adapted well to therapy life.  She has beautiful blue eyes and wonderfully smooth gaits.  Nova quickly introduced herself as boss to all our other horses.  She is very sensitive and can pick up the speed if asked but is also happy to carry small riders around all day.  Nova is very attached to her two best friends, Willow and Vanna.


Titan is a Red Roan Paint.  He was born in 2006.  He’s quite a looker!  Titan struggled with high anxiety and not knowing his place when he came to us.  He was given lots of time to just “be a horse” before moving into therapy training.  He is quick to learn with an honest heart and picked up on his new job well once he settled in.  Titan continues to progress and is a great ambassador for us.


Watson is a chestnut Arabian.  He was born in 2016.  Watson spent time as a show horse before he was put on hiatus due to arthritis and bone chips in his hocks.  He underwent surgery in 2022 that will allow him to have a comfortable, long career.  He’s a goofy horse who encourages his herd mates to run and play.  He is definitely the class clown. 

Zip is a Quarter Horse.  He was born in 2005.  He is a registered Palomino Paint so he is blonde with white patches.  He is a gentle giant who is eager to work.

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