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If you are interested in visiting or learning more about the St. Croix Trail Blazers, we welcome you to schedule a visit. We can also be reached via telephone or email to answer any questions you may have.


St. Croix Trail Blazers
6659 Jasmine Court North
Stillwater, MN 55082


​Tel: (651) 230-2581

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We currently have safeguards in place for Covid-19 also:

  • Please only have one responsible person per rider during this time.

  • Wait in your vehicle for the instructor to come to the patio.  When you see the instructor, the rider can go to an “X” on the patio.  Instructor will sign riders in.

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask.  It can be one you already have or we will have cloth masks available to purchase $5 each (with a limit of five).

  • Masks will be on prior to entering the barn.

  • Instructor will escort riders to wash hands and show them where to wait.

  • Riders will be asked to wear antimicrobial gloves which we will provide.  They are like a cotton glove.  Antimicrobial gloves are NOT to be taken home.  They will be placed in a laundry bag after each session for us to launder.  We are very fortunate to have had these gloves donated.

  • Riders will be escorted directly to either the indoor or outdoor arena to wait with a volunteer for their horse.

  • At this time, we are strongly suggesting you purchase your own helmet if you haven't done so.  Parts of the helmet touch the face which is not ideal for sharing.  We understand there may be some financial limitations so in those cases we will use our supply to assign helmets that will not be worn by anyone else.  We have a very limited supply of sizes and there isn't enough for everyone.  If you have a waiver, talk to your social worker because this may be something you are able to purchase with those dollars.  FleetFarm is a good source for helmets, and it must be a helmet specific to equestrian.  You cannot use a bike helmet.

  • The instructor will bring the horse to the arena to a volunteer who will then take the horse to the rider.

  • Parents/staff can wait in their vehicle, wait in the loft one person per bench, or outside one person per bench keeping social distancing in place.  The lounge will be closed for the time being since we are not able to ensure proper distancing in that area with our group.  If you are in the loft, please remember to be quiet.  Noises above the horses' heads can startle them.

  • Riders will be escorted back to the patio after their session has finished.

  • If you or anyone in your household is sick in any manner, please stay home for two weeks.  We will allow makeup sessions in these cases, but you must notify us.  Allowing makeups for being sick is not our normal policy so please be honest and don't use sickness during this time as an excuse if you're really doing something else.

  • If you find out you have been exposed to the Coronavirus or have been infected after your return to the barn, notify us immediately.

  • We understand there can be sensory issues involved with the masks and gloves.  If you need a break, please tell your instructor.  The rider will be taken back to the patio.  Masks and gloves will not be taken off and riding continues.

  • Breaks in between sessions will be extended to ten minutes to allow for disinfecting.  For example, if your start time was at 6:05, it will now be 6:10 or if you were at 12:15 it will now be 12:20.  Kellie will either send a text or email with your new time.

  • The locked payment box will be relocated to the hall for easy access to put checks in or they can be mailed to 6659 Jasmine Court North, Stillwater, MN 55082 or we are set up with Venmo (St. Croix Trail Blazers) for electronic payments.

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